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The Mari On The Beach

Noriko Whose Favorite Color Is Green

We released single named "Noriko Whose Favorite Color Is Green" on bandcamp, Spotify.
Re-recording of "Noriko" from an album "Songs Titled My Girlfriend (or not​)​'s name" at after "Good Music" recorded. The sound is like "good music"'s texture. Adieu.

シングル「Noriko Whose Favorite Color Is Green」をbandcampSpotifyにてリリースしました。
「Good Music」の録音後、アルバム「Songs titled my girlfriend (or not​)​'s name」収録の「Noriko」を再録音しました。「Good Music」のような質感です。アデュー。

  1. Noriko Whose Favorite Color Is Green

Good Music

We released album named "Good Music" on bandcamp, Spotify.
For example, a rainy day. Or an autumn night. Please play at the same volume as the sounds of rain and insects that can be heard in the room. A space-filling sound in which a chord progression of about 4 to 8 bars (or so) is repeated for 5 to 10 minutes around. It's not the type of music you go out of your way to listen to, but if you do, you can enjoy the subtle changes. i wish it be true.

bandcampSpotify にてアルバム「Good Music」をリリースしました。

  1. A Girl Reading Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby"
  2. 静かな夜
  3. Pot-Pourri À La Lavande
  4. Virgin
  5. This Moment
  6. Good Music
  7. Morning, Beach And Rain

Piano Music

We released album named "Piano Music" on bandcamp, Spotify.
Ambient? Is it minimal? A 3 minute song with no development. After thinking about it a lot, I was satisfied with the cute jacket.

bandcampSpotify にて「Piano Music」というアルバムをリリースしました。
アンビエント?ミニマル?展開しない3分間。悩んだ末のジャケットが可愛いので満足。 どうぞよろしく。

  1. Re-Mariko
  2. Re-Morning
  3. Library
  4. Zoo

Early Tracks And Versions

We released album named "Early Tracks And Versions" on bandcamp.
This is an archive of early 5tracks released on bandcamp.

Mari On The Beach / October 30, 2011
Debonair Drive / November 12, 2011
Winter Comes Like Christmas / November 20, 2011
The Sleep / November 26, 2011
AM Boy, FM Girl / December 29, 2011

And other tracks are previously unreleased.

「Early Tracks And Versions」というアルバムをbandcampでリリースしました。

Mari On The Beach / 2011年10月30日
Debonair Drive / 2011年11月12日
Winter Comes Like Christmas / 2011年11月20日
The Sleep / 2011年11月26日
AM Boy, FM Girl / 2011年12月29日


  1. Mari On The Beach
  2. Debonair Drive
  3. Winter Comes Like Christmas
  4. The Sleep
  5. AM Boy, FM Girl
  6. Debonair Drive (Inst.)
  7. The Sleep (Inst.)
  8. AM Boy, FM Girl (Inst.)
  9. Debonair Drive (Vocaloid)


We released album named "Philosophies" on bandcamp, Spotify.
Music and noise such as life sounds and environmental sounds.
Seeking a comfort sound.


  1. Poetries Or Others
  2. A Melody
  3. Neurone Strikes Back Again
  4. In E♭ #1
  5. In E♭ #2
  6. Whole Of Flesh
  7. Drive
  8. Clover
  9. In E♭ #3
  10. Lunch Time Music
  11. Echo Of Raindrops

Belles cr​é​atures. Elle nom est la musique.

We released album named "Belles cr​é​atures. Elle nom est la musique." on bandcamp, Spotify.
Belles créatures. Elle nom est la musique.

This album is including tracks with delicate dynamics.
Please enjoy with your favorite earphones or quiet listening room.

「Belles créâtures. Elle nom est la musique」というアルバムをリリースしました。bandcampSpotifyで。
Belles créatures. Elle nom est la musique.


  1. Morning
  2. Beach
  3. Rain
  4. Sound

Songs titled my girlfriend (or not)'s name

We released album named "Songs titled my girlfriend (or not)'s name" on bandcamp, Spotify.
New recordings for the first time in 10 years since "Kiss Me Quick". 8 tracks titled old girlfriend (or not)'s name.

bandcampSpotify にて「Songs titled my girlfriend (or not)'s name」というアルバムをリリースしました。
Kiss Me Quick」以来10年ぶりの新録音。昔のガールフレンド (やそうでもない女の子) の名前をタイトルにした 8曲。

  1. Mariko
  2. Noriko
  3. Minako
  4. Yumiko
  5. Hisako
  6. Yuko
  7. Ayako
  8. Rumiko

Lovely, Pretty, Cute & Happy

We released album named "Lovely, Pretty, Cute & Happy" on bandcamp, Spotify.
it is compilation of our pop tunes that includes new mixed new mastered 7 tracks & a new recording.
album's concept is "speed, density and catchy".it means keyword is "chaos" and "excessively". and title is..."Lovely, Pretty, Cute & Happy"

アルバム「Lovely, Pretty, Cute & Happy」をbandcampSpotifyでリリースしました。
アルバムのコンセプトは「スピード・密度・キャッチー」、つまりキーワードは「カオス」と「過剰」。タイトルは…「Lovely, Pretty, Cute & Happy」

  1. Kiss Me Quicknew recording, cover of Neurone's song
  2. Galaxyfrom album "Get Out Of Making Music"
  3. Opening Themefrom album "Play Music, Sing A Song"
  4. Poland Girlfrom album "Get Out Of Making Music"
  5. The Worldfrom album "Play Music, Sing A Song"
  6. Big Boredom In WWWfrom album "Get Out Of Making Music"
  7. In Twilightfrom album "Play Music, Sing A Song"
  8. Debonair Drivefrom single "Debonair Drive"

Play Music, Sing A Song

We released our second album named "Play Music, Sing A Song" on bandcamp, Spotify.

セカンドアルバム「Play Music, Sing A Song」をbandcampSpotifyでリリースしました。

  1. Neurone Strikes Back
  2. Commuting To Work Through The Woods
  3. I'm In You
  4. Fourteen
  5. Hard Rock
  6. The Bigger
  7. Mariko
  8. R.P.M.
  9. The World
  10. Coming Soon
  11. Opening Theme
  12. Ending Theme
  13. The End Of Desire And Delusion
  14. In Twilight
  15. Silent Night

Get Out Of Making Music

We released our first album named "Get Out Of Making Music" on bandcamp, Spotify.

私たちは「Get Out Of Making Music」という名前の最初のアルバムをbandcampSpotifyでリリースしました。

  1. Is This a Love or Not?
  2. Galaxy
  3. Full Automatic
  4. Falling Asleep
  5. Poland Girl
  6. Honey
  7. Big Boredom in WWW
  8. Mari On the Beach (Diff. Mix)
  9. Debonair Drive (Diff. Mix)
  10. Winter Comes Like Christmas (Diff. Mix)
  11. The Sleep (Diff. Mix)
  12. AM Boy, FM Girl (Diff. Mix)

The Mari On The Beach?

The Mari on the Beach is a Japanese band that was formed in 2011 and went on hiatus in 2012. They resumed their activities in 2022, and their current sound is like ambient or minimal music. It's like the late Ryuichi Sakamoto, Haruomi Hosono, or Cornelius.

ザ・マリ・オン・ザ・ビーチは2011年に結成され2012年に活動を休止した日本のバンドです。2022年に活動を再開し、現在のサウンドはアンビエントやミニマルミュージックのようなものです。 亡くなった坂本龍一さんや細野晴臣さん、コーネリアスさんみたいな感じです。

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